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Since 1985, Plastic Zone has provided elite quality custom acrylic fabrication and acrylic distribution services nationwide. We offer acrylic sheets with a wide range of variety, created with cutting edge laser and CNC technology that always results in a superior product. 

Acrylic Fabrication

Plastic Zone has decades of experience fabricating custom acrylic projects of all shapes and sizes.

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Laser & CNC Cutting

Laser and CNC cutting technology that is truly “state-of-the-art”. 

The result is a precise, and flawless cuts.

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Sign Supplies

A professional looking sign is one of your most powerful marketing tools. Plastic Zone is your go-to center for every sign supply you need to bring your brand to life!

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Plastic Zone Inc. is a family owned and operated business that’s been a trusted choice since 1985. We offer wholesale acrylic sheets, custom fabrication, laser cutting, sign supplies, and so much more. Instead of shopping at a retail store with limited inventory, come to the massive warehouse and friendly expertise at Plastic Zone, where we can offer acrylic sheets at unbelievable wholesale pricing.

We’re proud that the greater Los Angeles community and beyond have trusted us to complete over 300,000 jobs since our inception nearly 4 decades ago… and we’re just getting started. Our mission is to provide you with the highest possible quality plastics and acrylics, whether you need a single custom job or a huge bulk order. Because we’re uniquely positioned as an industry leader for so many years, our direct pricing model cuts out the middleman and allows us to offer you unbeatable wholesale pricing that competitors simply can’t touch.

Have a question? Want to browse our selection? Come visit us anytime, or give us a call today — our friendly, professional staff can’t wait to hear about your next project!


Our Services

Wholesale & Retail Acrylic Sheets

Buying acrylic sheets wholesale or retail has never been this easy. Plastic Zone’s massive warehouse has a leg up on tiny retail stores that can’t carry the variety of stock we do. 

Acrylic Fabrication

At Plastic Zone, acrylic fabrication in Los Angeles is our specialty. From custom cut plexiglass sheets to entire sculptures; we can bring your vision to life. 

Acrylic Fabrication: Letters displayed on top of wooden desk.

Signs and Sign Supplies

Other business sign makers or custom sign makers don’t carry the same range of sign supplies that we do. Plastic Zone makes it easy to get what you need, all in one convenient warehouse that’s stocked with the very best items.

CNC & Laser Cutting

Our CNC / laser cutting machine capabilities are second to none: we get professional-grade results, every single time — guaranteed. Whether your needs are small or massive, we can handle laser cutting service jobs of virtually any size, with our same signature precision.

Types of Plastic

Looking for more information about everything plastics?  You’ve come to the right source.  With our 35 year experience in the plastics industry, we’re your experts.

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic is one of the very best types of plastic to work with. Crystal clear, powerfully strong, and extremely stiff, acrylic is suitable for a wide array of applications. You’ll love acrylic’s easy bonding capabilities, as well as its thermoforming potential.

What is Plexiglass?

When you need a clear sheet that’s shatter-resistant and much more durable (and safe) than actual glass, plexiglass is your go-to. Translucent and versatile, plexiglass is found across nearly every industry in some capacity.

What are Polycarbonates?

Ruggedly tough thermoplastic polymer is an ideal choice when you need a transparent material that can take a beating without breaking down. Not only that, polycarbonates are superior choices for molding and shaping, as well.

What Colors Do You Have?

We have a wide range of colors to chose from.  Take a look at our swatches page to see a full range of the colors we offer.

Client Testimonials

“Sid, the owner, is a very special person. I can safely say that his feeling is that if you are not happy he’s not happy. He does great work! There was an issue with one item and he was more disappointed than I was that it was not right. He redid it and everyone is happy. I would recommend giving him a try. Give Sid a call for all your acrylic fabrication needs.”


“I have been going to Plastic Zone for many years, and I trust them completely.  They have filled orders for the oddest projects for me, and they ALWAYS get it done right.  We never experience any hiccups. As an artist, I am delighted that they design unusual museum-quality frames for me.  They are easy to work with, their prices are good, and I know I can always count on them.”


What an amazing place! I needed a custom sized piece of plexiglass cut for a soundproofing project I was working on. Plastic Zone makes sure your project gets finished and finished correctly. I coordinated the thickness, and size and the piece was ready as promised. The end result was great. The material is high quality and the cuts are smooth and even. From quality service to quality materials, I would highly recommend them!”