Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic display cases provide the perfect solution for showcasing and protection. Whether you need high-quality, transparent acrylic counter display cases, jewelry displays, or acrylic display cases with shelves for storing action figures or collectibles, Plastic Zone can create custom cases to fit your precise needs.

Choosing the right type of storage is crucial in business for efficient space utilization and visual marketing. Acrylic display units from Plastic Zone are customizable, space-efficient, and contribute to a more hygienic and safe retail environment.

    Custom Made Acrylic Display Cases

    With over three decades in the acrylic fabrication business, we have developed a reputation for producing striking custom display cases.

    • Our custom made acrylic display cases are purpose-built to the needs of the customer, making them ideal for storing basketball or baseball cards, sports jerseys, and other collectibles.
    • Choose between a range of thickness levels, from 1⁄16” to 3”, depending on your preferences and security needs.
    • All our acrylic sheets are durable, shatter-resistant, and lightweight, making them suitable for commercial environments.
    • Depending on your needs, we can create custom display units with distortion-free light transmission, ensuring your goods can be displayed appropriately.
    • We supply oversized acrylic sheets, ensuring we can create custom solutions for large-scale projects in major retail stores.
    • Custom designs are available in various finishes, including translucent, colored, opaque, and mirrored acrylic.
    • Our color chart features a broad choice of acrylic swatches, including clear, glittered, and smoke options.
    • For improved safety, choose custom acrylic display cases with locks. This makes unauthorized access to your valuable display items very difficult.
    • Our full digital engineering services and state-of-the-art custom acrylic fabrication processes allow us to create precision cases with high-quality finishes.
    • We use CNC machining and lasers to produce all custom products.
    • Choose slanted display shelves for your book or comic collection, or pick a design with multiple shelves for your expanding trophy collection.

    Retail Display Boxes & Cases

    Acrylic boxes and cases are some of the safest and most hygienic retail display options. They allow you to showcase your goods without the risk of damage, wear, or theft from customers, accidentally or intentionally.

    • Our diverse range of display boxes and cases includes individual units, acrylic display cases with shelves, boxes and cabinets with locks, slanted tray display units, and more.
    • Retail display boxes from Plastic Zone make office and warehouse organization easier. Our acrylic options allow you to color code storage units. Choose from 36 different acrylic swatches on our color chart.
    • Many of our durable and stylish display units are designed for countertop use, making them perfect for bakeries to present their goods.
    • Our retail boxes and cases are lightweight and durable, making them suitable for display across a range of surfaces. This increases the usable storage space of your store, improving efficiency and allowing you to display a greater quantity of items.
    • Choose adaptable boxes with doors and lids for access to items.
      Many of our storage units come with strong locks to ensure valuable store goods are kept safe from theft.
    • If you require retail display boxes and cases for wall mounting, send us the measurements and design specifications, and we’ll create your custom unit from scratch, using the latest fabrication technology and high-quality acrylic.
    • As experienced acrylic fabricators, we can provide professional advice and guidance on the most appropriate storage for your space.

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