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Wholesale Acrylic Sheets

With an impact resistance 17 times that of glass and a transparent, glossy finish, acrylic plastic sheets are ideal for display cases and other reasonably low-impact applications. Custom acrylic sheets come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you need a transparent barrier for a standard fitting or you want to fabricate a custom project from scratch, Plastic Zone has the resources and talent to get the job done.

Acrylic is less expensive than any other clear plastic sheeting material, but its lack of impact resistance makes acrylic less than ideal for greenhouses and other outdoor applications. At the same time, acrylic excels within its applicable uses, and it can be combined with polycarbonate or other materials for complex projects requiring different impact resistance in different areas.

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From single-run custom projects to bulk manufacturing of basic sheets and everything in-between, Plastic Zone provides the top tier of customer service, dependability, and affordability for Los Angeles area businesses.

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Wholesale Plexiglass Sheets

Plexiglass is a type of acrylic with greater impact resistance and an even more glass-like appearance. Whether you need plexiglass acrylic sheets for a construction, medical, or chemical project, Plastic Zone can create plexiglass sheets cut to size for any application or industry. Get started by submitting a free quote request, and a sales representative will provide you with everything you need to know.

Since it is cast in cells, plexiglass has greater impact resistance than acrylic, but the two substances are made from the same base material. While the main application of plexiglass is as an alternative to silica glass, you might need an even stronger material for certain projects.  

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Wholesale Polycarbonate Sheets

Whether you need greenhouse polycarbonate roofing sheets or you have another need for this ultra-light, super-clear material, Plastic Zone can handle any custom project you might have in mind. With a light transmittance rate of nearly 90%, low moisture absorbance, and high chemical resistance, polycarbonate is an ideal material for chemical, agricultural, and other sectors.

Not all types of polycarbonate are transparent, but certain grades offer almost the same transparency as glass with dozens of times the impact resistance. Made from a completely different material than acrylic, polycarbonate offers a more durable option for heavy-duty applications.

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The Process is very simple and straight forward.  Here’s what a typical cycle looks like with our clients:

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We’ll need a basic idea of your project parameters to get started. You can provide this information via email, and you can also call us for a more personalized approach.

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Any documentation you may have on your project parameters may be helpful, so please keep this information on hand. Full technical drawings of the desired piece or pieces are ideal, but we can also provide engineering work in-house.

3. Production Process Begins

Once you’ve approved our quote, we can begin the production process with a down payment. We can provide periodic updates throughout the production process, and we’ll contact you when the project is complete.

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