Acrylic Tubes & Rods

Plastic tubes and rods are frequently used in retail settings to create colorful lighting, eye-catching displays, and sturdy merchandising equipment. Plastic Zone is a leading manufacturer of high-quality acrylic, providing custom tubes and rods for commercial and residential projects.

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Acrylic Rods

We fabricate acrylic rods in various sizes, weights, and finishes. Choose from a spectrum of colored acrylic rods and tubes from our color chart. We carry colored and clear acrylic rods and tubes across a range of opacities. Whether you need a blue acrylic rod for a lighting unit or a clear rod to build a display case, we can cater to your needs.

Our rods are available in a range of diameters:

We supply rods in multiple shapes, including:

Round rods
Square rods
Half-round rods
Right angle triangle rods
Equilateral triangle rods

What is a Plastic Rod Used For?

Plastic rods have several practical applications. They are useful for creating homeware products or retail fixtures. Some of the most popular uses for plastic rods include:

  • Exterior lighting
  • Contemporary furniture manufacturing
  • Trade show display units
  • Retail display cabinets
  • Point of sale shelving

Plexiglass rods and tubes are extremely popular due to their clarity, quality, and durability. Our colored and clear plexiglass rods provide optical clarity through the smooth, striation-free finish.

How Strong Are Acrylic Rods?

Despite being lightweight, acrylic rods are highly durable. They don’t bend easily and won’t shrink or weaken over time. Our rods boast natural UV resistance, ensuring light exposure won’t cause immediate damage. Acrylic rods are stronger than glass and weigh approximately half as much, making them an excellent cost-effective alternative.

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From single-run custom projects to bulk manufacturing of basic sheets and everything in-between, Plastic Zone provides the top tier of customer service, dependability, and affordability for Los Angeles area businesses.

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Acrylic Tubes

We supply acrylic tubs in various sizes, from ¼” to 13¾”. Choose between square or round tubes, depending on your needs. Our custom fabricated tubes are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, including clear and frosted options.

Acrylic tubes are used in many industries. They are crucial for manufacturing surgical devices and laboratory equipment due to their durability and chemical resistance. Like plastic rods, tubes are frequently used to build display cases and create light furnishings. You can also find high-quality acrylic tubes in food and beverage production.

Our acrylic tubes are durable and naturally resistant to UV rays. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, demonstrating high resilience when exposed to heat, cold, and environmental fluctuations. Acrylic tubes are a lighter, stronger, and more insulated substitute for glass. They also boast excellent tensile strength.

Whether you need thin tubes for medical device manufacturing or wide tubing for creating a custom display case, get in touch with one of our team. As experienced professionals, we can recommend the perfect product for your needs.

High-Quality Acrylic Rods and Tubes

At Plastic Zone, we not only use high-quality acrylic sheets for custom fabrication, but we also use the latest laser and cutting technology in our state-of-the-art warehouse.

Our plastic cutting specialists operate computer numerical control (CNC) machining tools for precise cutting. This efficient and accurate method allows us to create different shapes and designs for custom projects.

Clients may provide their own materials for custom work. Our machining equipment is capable of cutting all forms of plastic. However, we recommend using our high-quality acrylic for your rods and tubes. The laser cutting process ensures each product is finished smoothly and accurately.

Although quality is our main priority, we understand that many of our clients work on time-sensitive deadlines. We strive to accommodate our clients’ needs and provide some of the best lead times in the Los Angeles area. Whether you need a small adjustment to a 1” rod or custom alterations to a bulk order of tubing, rest assured that we can get the job done.

How To Place An Order

The Process is very simple and straight forward.  Here’s what a typical cycle looks like with our clients:

1. Provide Us Your Project Details

We’ll need a basic idea of your project parameters to get started. You can provide this information via email, and you can also call us for a more personalized approach.

2. Approve Our Quote

Any documentation you may have on your project parameters may be helpful, so please keep this information on hand. Full technical drawings of the desired piece or pieces are ideal, but we can also provide engineering work in-house.

3. Production Process Begins

Once you’ve approved our quote, we can begin the production process with a down payment. We can provide periodic updates throughout the production process, and we’ll contact you when the project is complete.

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