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Whether you’ve recently committed to changing your facility due to coronavirus, or you simply need them for the limitless versatility they offer, Plastic Zone is ready to provide plexiglass sheets cut to size for your unique project.

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Where Can I Buy Clear Plexiglass Sheets Near Me?

In our new safety conscious and hygiene-focused society, there has understandably been a rush to secure quality plexiglass acrylic sheets for use in social distancing measures or as a protective barrier. 

At Plastic Zone, we understand the urgency of purchasing this vital equipment — and we stand with small and large businesses alike, as your trusted partner when searching where to buy plexiglass sheets to protect your customers and staff. Rest assured, Plastic Zone is the partner and solution you’ve been looking for.

What’s the Difference Between Plexiglass & Acrylic Sheets?

You might be surprised to learn that plexiglass and acrylic refer to the same material. Just as you probably refer to tissues as “Kleenex”, or a copy machine as “Xerox”, Plexiglass was a brand name that stuck in peoples’ imaginations — and still to this day is more commonly used than the term “acrylic.” But make no mistake, they’re exactly the same!

Acrylic can be textured, colored, clear, opaque, and even bullet resistant. It’s an incredibly versatile and powerful building material that’s found a wealth of applications across industries.

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Do you need plexiglass sheets for your project? Call today for your free quote. From custom acrylic sheet fabrication to standard orders, our sales staff is standing by to educate you on this exciting material and help you choose the right solution. As the leader in acrylic fabrication in California, Plastic Zone is standing by to fit your exact project specifications.

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Custom Plexiglass Sheets in Los Angeles

Whether you’re looking for frosted plexiglass sheets, colored plexiglass sheets, or standard clear sheets, we’ve got you covered. We’ve found that when it comes to plexiglass, custom is always the way to go… and it shouldn’t have to break the bank.

Plastic Zone understands that your unique business, facility, or building has specific needs when it comes to size, thickness, opacity, and other considerations for your plexiglass installation. We are masters at custom plexiglass fabrication, and we can work with virtually any project and budget to find the solution you need

Quality Plexiglass Sheets For Sale

The world is changing rapidly, and more than ever it’s critical to provide brick and mortar businesses, facilities, and public spaces with access to intelligently designed protection. Whether you’ve purchased acrylic sheets in the past, or this is your very first order, Plastic Zone makes it incredibly easy. Worried about needing a specific color, unique shape, or other detail? Don’t be. Plastic Zone is in the business of custom plexiglass fabrication for whatever your needs may be, and no matter what tomorrow brings. We’re ready to help you keep people safe, and earn your business for life.

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