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Looking for LEXAN polycarbonate sheets or similar high quality polycarbonate material? Plastic Zone can provide you with what your unique business needs, fast.

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Where Can I Buy Polycarbonate Sheets Near Me?

Whether you’ve purchased them many times, or you’re only now becoming familiar with the world of polycarbonate sheets for face shields or other protective measures: Plastic Zone is your first and only stop.


At Plastic Zone, we’ve set the industry bar in California when it comes to acrylic fabrication and acrylic plastic sheets distribution since 1985. We’re ready to provide you with cashier and face shield material, or any other protective need you may have in today’s post-pandemic reality. Plastic Zone stands with your business to help you rise to the occasion and meet the safety needs of today’s customers and employees with fairly priced, quality products.

Polycarbonate vs. Plexiglass Sheets

When it comes to clear plastic protection, there are really two main kings of the realm: polycarbonate (LEXAN) sheets, and acrylic (plexiglass). If you dive deeper into the pros and cons of polycarbonate vs acrylic sheets, you’ll be able to decide which material is best for your project.

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Do you need plexiglass sheets for your project? Call today for your free quote. From custom acrylic sheet fabrication to standard orders, our sales staff is standing by to educate you on this exciting material and help you choose the right solution. As the leader in acrylic fabrication in California, Plastic Zone is standing by to fit your exact project specifications.

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Polycarbonate Sheet Advantages

  • Material is more flexible and less rigid
  • Bullet and shatter proof
  • Extremely resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Very low flammability

Plexiglass (Acrylic) Sheet Advantages

  • Affordable
  • Better clarity / scratch resistance
  • Stronger load resistance
  • “polished” look

Plastic Zone Offers Polycarbonate Sheet Laser Cutting

For business owners or site managers who are new to purchasing polycarbonate (or any kind of plastic) sheeting, one question looms large in their minds: how do they get the correct shape and size polycarbonate sheets for their specific building needs? And, what if they don’t even know what their needs are exactly, or what sizes and shapes are feasible?


This is where the experts at Plastic Zone are at home and in their element. Our team can offer you a turnkey, A to Z solution for your polycarbonate sheeting needs that takes the guesswork out of protective sheet installation. We’ll show you the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to get polycarbonate protection in place at your unique location. 


We offer polycarbonate laser cutting and fabrication that results in limitless designs, shapes, colors, opacities, and protective scenarios depending on what you need.


Plastic Zone has been designing these kinds of installation and fabrication solutions for Los Angeles businesses for three decades. When you choose Plastic Zone, you’re leaving the complexities up to us, while focusing on your beautiful finished product.

Quality Polycarbonate Sheets For Sale

No matter your budget or your logistical challenges, the Plastic Zone team thrives on finding ways to satisfy our customers by delivering a solution that elegantly checks all the boxes they were hoping for. It’s how we’ve earned word-of-mouth and repeat business from countless customers since before the internet even existed!


If you’re looking for high quality polycarbonate sheets, chances are you’re doing it because of safety considerations. At Plastic Zone, we take these intentions seriously, and we’re humbled by the opportunity to earn your business and show you what we’re capable of. The world is changing rapidly, but Plastic Zone continues to stick by your side when the time comes to find a reliable, cost-effective, and high quality solution for polycarbonate sheeting.

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