Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic is one of the world’s most durable thermoplastics. Shatter-resistant, lightweight, and durable, custom acrylic fabrication offers highly machinable results with fully distortion-free light transmission. From tiny, intricate parts to large shaped sheets, Plastic Zone can fill your exact order specifications for custom acrylic fabrication

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Custom Tailored Acrylic Plastic Fabrication

Full Digital Engineering Services including CAD, CAM, and piece design for personalized acrylic design fabrication.

Custom Acrylic Fabrication using CNC machining and lasers for presion and high quality finishes.

Fully-Certified Facility in compliance with all contemporary standards including AMS and RoHs.

Comprehensive Quality Control and inspection prior to order shipment.

By utilizing the latest developments in engineering and employing top-of-the-line fabrication processes, Plastic Zone delivers reliable, reproducible results for clients at every end of the spectrum. From single prototypes to 1,000+ quantity orders, our team has the resources and expertise to accomplish your acrylic plastic fabrication project.

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Call today for your free acrylic quote. From custom acrylic sheet fabrication to standard orders, our sales staff is standing by to educate you on this exciting material and help you choose the right solution. As the leader in acrylic fabrication in California, Plastic Zone is standing by to fit your exact project specifications.

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Why Choose PlasticZone?

Plastic Zone offers the best acrylic fabrication in Los Angeles for small businesses, large enterprises, and everything in-between. Our courteous and responsive staff work with you to find the most efficient and economically effective solution to your acrylic needs.

From the restaurant to the medical to the electronics industries, Plastic Zone is standing by to fabricate custom acrylic parts of any shape or size. We’re fully capable of completing your entire project or providing individual pieces for a larger design, and we also offer a full array of acrylic plastic supplies.

As an LA-based acrylic fabrication company for more than three decades, Plastic Zone is committed to making our community a better place through our services. Call us today to learn more about what Plastic Zone has to offer and find the solution that works best for you.

How To Place An Order

The Process is very simple and straight forward.  Here’s what a typical cycle looks like with our clients:

1. Provide Us Your Project Details

We’ll need a basic idea of your project parameters to get started. You can provide this information via email, and you can also call us for a more personalized approach.

2. Approve Our Quote

Any documentation you may have on your project parameters may be helpful, so please keep this information on hand. Full technical drawings of the desired piece or pieces are ideal, but we can also provide engineering work in-house.

3. Production Process Begins

Once you’ve approved our quote, we can begin the production process with a down payment. We can provide periodic updates throughout the production process, and we’ll contact you when the project is complete.


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Get in touch today to get started with acrylic fabrication near me right away. Our sales agents are standing by to learn more about your project and get the process rolling—Call Plastic Zone today for the professional acrylic fabrication services you need to succeed.