Clear Acrylic Sheets (P95)

Clear acrylic sheets are incredibly durable and impact-resistant while offering many of the same desirable qualities as glass. Whether you’re looking for clear acrylic sheets for picture frames or you have another purpose in mind, Plastic Zone is the nation’s most trusted provider of custom acrylic sheet solutions.

P95 ClearAcrylic Sheets for Every Purpose

Clear acrylic swatch / sheet

Regardless of whether you’re looking for large clear acrylic sheets for big projects or you’d prefer to use small P95 acrylic sheets, we can cut acrylic sheets to any size you desire here at Plastic Zone. We can supply you with a sheet large enough to fill an entire commercial window frame or sheets small enough to cover small photo frames—you’re the boss when it comes to the right size for your needs.

We also offer our acrylic sheets in a variety of thicknesses. While clear thin acrylic sheets might offer the best optical clarity, clear thick acrylic sheets provide better durability and impact resistance. With 10 different thicknesses to choose from, we have P95 clear acrylic sheets for every conceivable purpose.

That’s not the end of the options we offer with our clear acrylic sheets. You can also choose between two different finishes regardless of the thickness or size of the acrylic sheets you choose: 

  • Matte finish: Clear acrylic sheeting with a matte finish looks exactly like normal glass. This type of acrylic sheeting is crystal-clear while still offering incredible durability.
  • Frosted finish: Frosted clear acrylic sheeting looks the same as frosted glass. This type of acrylic sheeting is ideal for privacy windows or any traditional application of frosted glass.

Clear Cut-to-Size Acrylic Plastic Sheets

Due to its incredibly high durability and transparency, clear acrylic sheeting is used in applications as diverse as submarine portholes and fighter jet canopies. Some more down-to-earth examples of clear acrylic sheet applications include tabletop protectors and mirror covers. Whatever you can do with glass you can also do with acrylic sheets—only better.

Here are some of the advantages of clear acrylic sheets of any size and thickness:

  • Better durability and impact resistance than glass while remaining fully transparent
  • Resistant to both extremely high and extremely low temperatures
  • Half the weight of glass
  • Resistant to corrosive chemicals
  • Incredible optical clarity
  • Comes in a variety of different types to suit your needs



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