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Furniture Reupholstery

Furniture reupholstery is the art of giving your cherished furniture pieces a fresh look and extended life. Whether it’s a vintage chair, a worn-out sofa, or an antique dining set, reupholstering can make them look new again. It’s also an eco-friendly approach to furnishing your home.

As a leading Los Angeles furniture reupholstery company, we rejuvenate and repair all kinds of furniture, from outdoor and indoor to leather and vintage. We ensure every piece keeps its charm, just with a freshened-up appearance.

Types of Furniture Reupholstery

Furniture reupholstery is more than just a facelift for your beloved items; it’s about reviving and extending their life, ensuring they remain functional and stylish for years. The types of furniture reupholstery we offer include:

  • Outdoor Furniture Reupholstery: Reupholstering outdoor furniture not only enhances its longevity but also transforms your outdoor space into a stylish and inviting retreat. We use weather-resistant, UV-protective fabrics to ensure your outdoor pieces remain vibrant and resilient, season after season.
  • Indoor Furniture Reupholstery: Refreshing your indoor upholstery provides the opportunity to infuse personal style and flair into every room. From plush velvets to sleek silks, we offer numerous fabric choices to suit your taste and lifestyle needs. Whether aiming for a modern minimalist look or a cozy cottage vibe, reupholstering allows you to renew and redefine your indoor spaces.
  • Dining Table Furniture Reupholstery: Reupholstering dining chairs ensure your guests sit comfortably, creating an inviting space for conversation and memorable meals. With a range of fabric designs and textures available, you can transform your dining area into a stylish focal point of your home.
  • Restaurant Furniture Reupholstery: In high-traffic restaurants, furniture sustains constant wear and tear, leaving frayed edges, faded colors, and torn fabric. This not only looks unappealing to customers but reflects on the quality and care your establishment provides. Reupholstering restaurant furniture ensures the longevity of your pieces and creates a welcoming ambiance for patrons. We offer a selection of low-maintenance upholstery options that are durable and easy to clean.
  • Patio Furniture Reupholstery: Patios are the connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces, providing your home with a comfortable area to soak up the fresh air. Reupholstering patio furniture ensures these relaxation spots are as inviting as your living room. With the right materials, like canvas, microfiber, or Sunbrella fabrics, your patio becomes an oasis, perfect for morning coffees or sunset gatherings.
  • Antique Furniture Reupholstery: Antiques hold stories of the past and add character to your living space. Reupholstering these timeless pieces is a delicate task aimed at preserving their charm while ensuring they remain practical and functional.
  • Leather Furniture Reupholstery: Leather exudes luxury and sophistication. However, it can become dry, brittle, and fade over time. Reupholstering leather furniture ensures it remains supple and ageless, adding a touch of elegance to any space.
  • Vintage Furniture Reupholstery: Reupholstering vintage furniture is a delicate balance of preservation and renewal. These age-old treasures, steeped in history and character, deserve a second chance at life. By reupholstering, we restore their former glory while adapting them to meet the needs of modern homes.

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The Reupholstery Process

Whether it’s a family heirloom or a recent purchase that needs a refresh, our reupholstery process is thorough and tailored to each piece’s unique purpose and design. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what to expect:

1. Consultation

The consultation phase lets us assess the furniture’s current state, discuss your design vision, and explore material options. This initial conversation ensures that the reupholstery process meets your expectations and enhances the furniture’s potential.

2. Disassembly

Disassembly involves carefully deconstructing the furniture, stripping it back to its frame, revealing its structure and condition. This step is crucial, as it allows us to identify any hidden damage or areas that need special attention, such as base webbing, foam padding, or springs.

3. Repair

Before the actual reupholstering begins, it’s essential to address any structural or functional issues. This might involve fixing broken frames, tightening loose joints, or replacing worn-out springs. Repair ensures that the furniture isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also sturdy and functional.

4. Selection of Materials

Whether it’s a plush velvet, rugged leather, or a patterned polyester fabric, the material should complement the furniture’s character and your interior style preferences. We offer an extensive selection of upholstery fabrics, ensuring you find the perfect texture, color, and pattern for your pieces.

5. Reupholstering

Our skilled artisans meticulously work to cover the furniture with the new material, paying attention to every detail, from the tautness of the fabric to the precision of the stitches.

6. Quality Check

Once the reupholstering is complete, the piece undergoes a rigorous quality check. We ensure that it meets our high standards and, more importantly, your expectations. Every seam, cushion, and finish is inspected to guarantee excellence.

How To Place An Order

The Process is very simple and straight forward.  Here’s what a typical cycle looks like with our clients:

1. Provide Us Your Project Details

We’ll need a basic idea of your project parameters to get started. You can provide this information via email, and you can also call us for a more personalized approach.

2. Approve Our Quote

Any documentation you may have on your project parameters may be helpful, so please keep this information on hand. Full technical drawings of the desired piece or pieces are ideal, but we can also provide engineering work in-house.

3. Production Process Begins

Once you’ve approved our quote, we can begin the production process with a down payment. We can provide periodic updates throughout the production process, and we’ll contact you when the project is complete.


How Much Does Furniture Reupholstery Cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how much does furniture reupholstery cost? The cost of furniture reupholstery can vary widely based on several factors. At a glance, reupholstering might seem like a simple task, but it’s a precision process that requires skill and quality materials. Some of the factors that can influence the cost include:

  • Material choice: Genuine leather, for instance, is typically more expensive than synthetic alternatives or standard fabrics. High-end textiles or specialty fabrics like silk can also increase the cost.
  • Labor: The craftsmanship involved in reupholstery is a specialized skill. Labor costs can vary based on the complexity of the project and the expertise of the artisans. A simple chair might require fewer hours than a detailed, ornate sofa.
  • Size and complexity: A larger piece of furniture, like a sectional sofa, will cost more to reupholster than a single armchair. Additionally, furniture with intricate designs, tufting, or unique structures like wingback chairs or camelback sofas might increase the labor hours and, consequently, the cost.

When considering reupholstery, get a detailed breakdown of the costs. This includes a clear understanding of material costs, labor charges, and any additional fees, such as delivery or installation.

Get Quality Furniture Repairs and Reupholstery in LA

Furniture reupholstery is a commitment to sustainability, craftsmanship, and preserving the memories in each piece. For more information on how your home or business can benefit from our reupholstery service, explore our informative blog series or browse our gallery to see some of our previous work.

Looking to breathe new life into your beloved furniture? Trust the professionals in furniture reupholstery in Los Angeles. Contact us today, and let’s transform your pieces into contemporary masterpieces!