Ivory Acrylic Sheet (801)

Ivory acrylic has a multitude of practical applications for both commercial and residential projects. It is a popular material for crafting retail shelving, furniture, cabinets, and picture frames. Due to its durability and resistance to water, chemicals, and weather, acrylic sheets are also used frequently for greenhouses or protective partitions on building sites.

At Plastic Zone, we provide high-quality acrylic for a variety of industries. Whether you’re looking for a single ivory acrylic sheet for an outdoor cold frame or you need an ivory opaque acrylic sheet for building garage shelves, we have a range of suitable options. We give customers the option to buy in bulk, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Plasticast Ivory 801

Order Ivory Acrylic Sheets (801) in Bulk

At Plastic Zone, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding custom orders to meet our individual clients’ needs. You can customize your sheet order to the exact shape, thickness, and opacity that you require. We stock a wide variety of sheets in various colors and opacity options, ensuring we can deal with bulk orders.

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With 35 years of experience in the acrylic industry, Plastic Zone is a premier supplier of acrylic sheets. We cater to all types of customers, from DIY homeowners looking for replacement acrylic for their greenhouse to construction companies who need a bulk order of ivory sheets.

Fill out our online form or give us a call today for a quote. We are happy to provide advice and guidance on the available options for your project.

Acrylic Sheets Optical Clarity

One of the most versatile characteristics of acrylic is its range of optical clarity. Our acrylics are available in a variety of finishes, from translucent to fully opaque. Despite being durable, shatter-proof, and chemical resistant, acrylic is lightweight. It is 50% lighter than glass but is more impact-resistant, making it a popular material for workstations in offices, factories, and labs.

Translucent acrylic sheets are excellent glass alternatives for garage door windows, storm windows, or other glazed spaces susceptible to impact or adverse weather conditions. While they aren’t as easy to see through as clear sheets, colored acrylic can be up to 92% translucent, allowing ambient light to pass through, ensuring the interior space is well lit.

If you require acrylic sheets for building shelves, making window frames, or as a privacy partition, opaque varieties are more practical. They block any light from passing through, obstructing visibility. You can choose from a translucent or opaque acrylic sheet in ivory, blue, bronze, brown, fluorescent green, orange, red, pink, green, and yellow at Plastic Zone.

Custom Acrylic Sheets Cut For Your Needs

Acrylic is easy to shape and fabricate so that you can cut it to a specific size. We cut each sheet to the exact specifications of our customers. Choose from a variety of thickness levels, including ½” acrylic sheet ivory and ⅛” acrylic sheets. If you’re unsure of what size sheet you need, speak to one of the experts at Plastic Zone for advice.



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