Matte White Acrylic Sheets (7328)

Stronger, lighter, and more weather-resistant than glass, white acrylic plexiglass comes in a variety of thickness and color options. Plastic Zone Inc. can cut 7328 white acrylic sheets to any size and thickness, and this “sign-white” type of acrylic is ideal for indoor and outdoor signage along with dozens of other potential applications.

Matte White Plexiglass Sheets Cut to Size

Among the various types of white plexiglass sheets, 7328 is translucent bright white, meaning that it has a bright white color while allowing significant light transmission at any thickness. Thinner sheets of this type of white translucent acrylic will allow greater light transmission, and thicker sheets will be more opaque.

As a type of cast white acrylic sheet, 7328 white acrylic has a higher molecular weight than extruded acrylic, making it ideal for applications in which acrylic sheets must be subjected to machine tooling prior to use. There are three main types of cast acrylic sheets, and we can produce each type at Plastic Zone Inc.:

  • 2447 translucent dull white: Also called “milk white acrylic” or “milk plexiglass,” 2447 translucent dull white sheets have a color that’s similar to skim milk. This type of plexiglass is semi-translucent at any thickness.
  • 7328 translucent bright white: The bright white color of 7328 plexiglass makes it look more similar to paper than milk. Like 2447 acrylic sheets, however, 7328 plexiglass sheets allow considerable light transmission at any thickness.
  • 7508 opaque bright white: 7508 plexiglass sheets are bright white like 7328 sheets, but they do not allow any light transmission whatsoever.

 If you’re looking for matte white plexiglass sheets, 7328 sheets are a great choice. This type of acrylic is not shiny or glossy, but at the same time, it has a bright white color that makes it ideal for high-contrast signage and a variety of other applications.

7328 Bright White Translucent Acrylic Sheets

Regardless of the scope of your project, Plastic Zone Inc. offers the best white acrylic sheet prices in the industry. Drop us a line to get a free quote for your specific project, and take a moment to brush up on some of the unique benefits of white plexiglass:

  • 17 times stronger than glass: Acrylic plexiglass is at least 17 times stronger than glass sheets of comparable thickness. While still offering impressive optical properties, plexiglass is highly durable and impact-resistant.
  • Considerably lighter than glass: Despite being much stronger and more impact-resistant than glass, plexiglass is also remarkably lightweight. This attribute makes it easy to work with and transport plexiglass sheets.
  • Various light transmission options: Each type of plexiglass has unique light transmission properties, making it possible to find acrylic sheets that are completely transparent, entirely opaque, or anything in-between.
  • Thermoformable: You can make acrylic sheets into practically any conceivable shape using heat.
  • Moisture-resistant: Plexiglass acrylic sheets do not absorb moisture, making this material ideal for outdoor applications.
  • Weather-resistant: Acrylic is highly UV-resistant, allowing plexiglass sheets to remain outdoors for years at a time without damage.
  • Chemical-resistant: Plexiglass is resistant to chemical spills, making it ideal for industrial applications.


These properties make white acrylic an ideal material for signage, photo light tables, POP displays, furniture, and a variety of other applications. Contact us today to learn more about 7328 acrylic sheets and start enjoying the impressive benefits of using acrylic sheets in your line of business.



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