Red Acrylic Sheet (115)

Red is one of the most common colors used in acrylic sheeting. Plastic Zone carries a complete selection of premium-grade, high-quality red acrylic sheeting for all your projects. Our range includes a complete selection of pre-cut sheet sizes from ⅜” to 4”. Each is available in a wide range of finishes, opacities, and dimensions.

We also accept custom orders so you can find the perfect sheeting for your next design project. Simply fill in the form below to contact us and let us know how we can help you complete your project.

Red Plastic Sheet (115)

Red acrylic sheet 115

Acrylic sheeting is a lightweight, durable plastic material suitable for numerous applications.

Plastic Zone’s 115 red acrylic sheeting features a vibrant red color, ideal for a wide range of projects, including:

  • Branding and signage. If red is part of your product’s logo or your company’s visual identity, red acrylic sheeting is an ideal choice to reinforce your branding. It is suitable for high-visibility signage, outdoor logos, and other branded displays.
  • Point of purchase displays. Red acrylic sheeting is commonly used to fabricate and decorate retail displays. They are a great choice to attract your customers’ attention.
  • Artwork and decors. Our red acrylic sheeting can add an eye-catching color accent to any piece of artwork, furniture, or interior design element, from simple accents to complete themed decor.
  • Architectural features. Red acrylic sheeting is commonly integrated into architectural elements and displays, such as panels, facades, wall panels, staircases, and other accents.

Advantages of Red Acrylic Sheeting

Red acrylic sheets are durable and versatile and offer many benefits over glass, polycarbonate, polyester resin, and other materials for your projects.

  • High impact strength. Acrylic is highly resistant to impacts, up to 17 times more than tempered glass. This durability makes it an excellent choice for public installations and displays.
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays. Sunlight produces ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause many materials to fade and lose their original color and luster. Red acrylic sheeting does not fade easily, even when exposed to sunlight for years, allowing it to retain its original vibrant color.
  • Optical clarity. Colored translucent red acrylic sheeting offers an excellent balance of color and light transmission. It offers a similar level of color saturation to opaque acrylic sheets while allowing viewers to look through and see objects on the other side. They also provide good optical clarity, so objects seen behind red translucent sheeting are clear without warping or blurring.
  • Resistant to the elements. Acrylic is well-known for its weather resistance. It is not damaged by wind, rain, or frequent changes in temperature. Long-term displays can safely use red acrylic sheeting, retaining their color and resisting cracking or wearing.
  • Lightweight. While acrylic sheeting has up to 17 times the impact resistance of tempered glass, it has just under less than half the weight. The low weight makes replacing and transporting acrylic panels easier and safer.


Custom Red Acrylic Sheeting

Does your project require custom pieces of red acrylic? Plastic Zone has access to the latest technologies and equipment to fabricate custom-designed plastic sheeting. We can provide the following services:

  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing. Our equipment includes CAD and CNC machines, laser-cutting equipment, and CAM software. This means we can design and model red acrylic pieces in almost any shape to fit any design element and meet your exact specifications.
  • Bulk orders available. Plastic Zone can handle bulk orders. Our team of highly skilled CNC machining specialists can fabricate bulk orders efficiently, no matter the size of your project.
  • Quality control. Each custom piece we produce must meet Plastic Zone’s stringent quality standards. We inspect each piece of custom acrylic sheeting at our fully certified facility to ensure it meets our durability and quality standards.



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