Smoke Acrylic Sheet (507)

Plastics Zone custom smoke plastic sheets are ideal for both practical and decorative applications. Our smoke acrylic sheets are a safe, stylish, cost-effective material for any project.

We offer custom smoke finish plexiglass sheets for small projects and wholesale acrylic sheets for bulk orders, perfect for large-scale construction jobs.

Benefits of Smoke Plastic Sheets

Smoke plastic sheets offer several benefits over other polyester resin, glass, or polycarbonate materials.

  • The translucent finish filters UV light to protect people and objects on the other side of the sheet. This UV resistance makes them less prone to fading than printed or painted materials.
  • The sheets have high impact and chemical resistance making them suitable for heavy-duty applications in industries ranging from construction to manufacturing.
  • Smoke acrylic sheets are weatherproof and offer protection from extreme climates and temperature fluctuations.
  • Smoke plexiglass is easy to clean and maintain. The dark gray semi-transparent finish won’t show stains easily, and any blemishes can be removed with a microfiber cloth and mild cleaner.

Custom Smoke Plexiglass Sheet

At Plastic Zone, our experienced CNC machining specialists can custom fabricate smoke plastic sheets to your specifications. We can also use CAD/CAM technology and laser cutting to create unique designs for your project.

The rugged durability and frosted appearance of our custom smoke acrylic sheets make them ideal for a versatile range of applications. These include signage, display cases, animal enclosures, laboratories, or custom electronics cases.

A custom smoke acrylic sheet also makes an excellent, shatter-proof alternative to glass mirrors. They have high reflective clarity and are two times lighter than conventional glass.

All Plastic Zone acrylic products are manufactured in our start-of-the-art fully-certified facility. They undergo a strict quality control process to ensure that your plexiglass items meet our high standards.

Browse our convenient color chart for a full range of shades. We also offer various specialty finishes. In addition to smoke, we offer glitter, transparent, and opaque plastic sheets.

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