White Plexiglass Acrylic 2067

2067 white acrylic plastic sheets have unique properties that make this type of plexiglass ideal for a variety of different applications. Whichever thickness option suits your needs, Plastic Zone Inc. offers 2067 white acrylic cut to size with your choice of length and width dimensions. Rely on Plastic Zone Inc. to supply bulk quantities of white acrylic plastic sheets that are suitable for any commercial or industrial application.

Applications of acrylic sheet color white 2067

White 2067 acrylic sheet

Acrylic sheets are remarkably durable and versatile. Impact-resistant acrylic is 10 times more shatter-resistant than glass, and its coloring and translucency will change slightly based on the thickness of the sheet.
Combined, these two properties make 2067 acrylic sheets ideal for an endless array of potential applications, including:


  • Displays and signage: Thanks to its variable translucence, white acrylic sheets can either be used as clear protective layers on outdoor displays or as translucent sign covers that diffuse the illumination produced by light-up signs.


  • Windows and wall partitions: More durable and weather-resistant than glass or practically any other material, white acrylic plastic is ideal for privacy windows or partitions between work areas in office settings.


  • Light fixtures: White acrylic can be cut in a variety of thickness options to control the amount of illumination that is diffused through light fixtures.


  • Transportation applications: Transparent types of white acrylic plastic are used to produce windows, instrument panels, and other durable, glass-like components in vehicles.

White translucent acrylic plastic sheets in any size

Depending on your line of business, you might need 2067 white acrylic sheets that are large, small, or somewhere in-between. Regardless of the type of acrylic sheet that’s ideal for your purposes, we can accommodate your order at Plastic Zone Inc., and white 2067 acrylic sheets provide a uniform set of benefits irrespective of their dimensions:
  • Durability: White acrylic sheets are resistant to abrasions, impacts, and other types of kinetic damage.
  • Weather resistance: Plexiglass is resistant to rain, snow, and UV light.
  • Chemical resistance: White acrylic sheets are usually entirely unaffected by chemical spills.
  • Lightweight: Conventional glass weighs twice as much as plexiglass.
  • Various light transmission options: Whether you want white acrylic sheets that let lots of light through or acrylic sheets that are entirely opaque, 2067 plexiglass sheets will suit your needs.



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