White Plexiglass Acrylic 2447

White acrylic plastic sheets come in a wide variety of size and transparency options, and at Plastic Zone Inc., we offer plexiglass sheets that meet your exact specifications. With 2447 white acrylic sheets, it’s possible to completely block light or allow up to 50% light transmission. Check out our acrylic 2447 images to get an idea of how this type of plexiglass will look in your desired application, and reach out for a free quote.

White Plexiglass Acrylic 2447 Cut to Size

With 10 times the strength of glass and multiple light transmission options to choose from, lightweight white translucent acrylic plastic sheets are ideal for a wide range of different applications. Whether you intend to use white plexiglass sheets for industrial, scientific, or design purposes, Plastic Zone Inc. is standing by to cut acrylic 2447 sheets to the exact size and thickness you need.

Compared to glass, polycarbonate, and other alternatives, white acrylic plexiglass offers a variety of distinct advantages. Here are a few of the reasons you should use 2447 white plexiglass sheets for your next project:

  • Since this type of white plexiglass only reaches up to 50% light transmission, it obscures surfaces behind it while still allowing illumination to shine through.
  • White acrylic resists yellowing, withstands significant impacts, and is unharmed by UV radiation. Resistant to all types of weather, white acrylic plexiglass is also immune to chemical spills.
  • It’s easy to cut 2447 white acrylic into a variety of length, width, and thickness options without reducing the structural integrity of the sheet.
  • Like all types of acrylic, 2447 plexiglass is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to work with.

Your Choice of Light Transmission and Translucence

White acrylic 2447 plexiglass sheets offer translucence or light transmission ranges from 0% – opaque to 50% – transparent. As a result, this type of acrylic sheeting is appropriate for a wide variety of different applications. Here are some examples of the types of projects you can complete with this semi-translucent type of plexiglass:

  • Opaque signage: Since it’s easy to paint or or apply silk screen designs to plexiglass, opaque sheets of 2447 acrylic are perfect for signage.
  • Privacy skylights: Want to let the light in without allowing peering eyes to see through? White 2447 sheets with 50% translucence are ideal for skylights due to their significant light transmission and durability.
  • X-ray chart readers: It’s possible to make durable, high-quality X-ray chart readers using white 2447 plexiglass sheets with various translucence options. These sheets are also ideal for any types of signage, photo light tables, lighted drawing tables, or other applications in which durability and moderate light transmission are desired.



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