White Acrylic Sheets (7508)

White acrylic sheets are available in a wide variety of opacity options, and we can cut white plexiglass sheets to any size at Plastic Zone Inc. Whether you’re looking for ultra-translucent white acrylic plexiglass sheets or you need something more opaque, we have solutions to fit your needs. Fill out the form below for a free quote.

White Acrylic Sheets Cut to Size

Whatever type of project you’re taking on, Plastic Zone Inc. can provide you with white acrylic sheets that get the job done. White acrylic sheets are used for hundreds of different applications in science, industry, design, and more, and the versatility of this type of acrylic sheeting makes it viable for countless projects and purposes.

Here are a few examples of the advantages of white acrylic sheets versus polycarbonate, glass, and other alternatives:

  • Acrylic is incredibly strong while still providing a wide variety of thicknesses and light transmission options. This material lasts a surprisingly long time, and it has impressive impact resistance.
  • Acrylic is highly resistant to weathering of all types. It has a surprisingly high melting temperature, it isn’t harmed by UV radiation, and it even resists exposure to caustic chemicals.
  • This material comes in a wide variety of transparency options. At high transparency, it rivals the light transmission of glass, and at low transparency, it is a great alternative to less-durable opaque plastics.
  • Acrylic weighs half as much as glass.
    Acrylic sheets can be cut to any size and used in hundreds of different applications.

Translucent, Opaque, and Everything In-Between

One of the most impressive advantages of white acrylic sheets is the remarkable range of optical clarity this material offers. White acrylic sheets offer translucence or light transmission ranges from 0% – opaque to 92% – transparent, making it possible for this material to mimic glass, PVC plastic, or anything in-between.

Here are a few examples of the light transmission options we offer with our white acrylic sheets at Plastic Zone Inc.:

  • 7508 acrylic white sheet 92% translucent: While still offering privacy, this type of acrylic sheet allows 92% of ambient light to pass through, keeping interior areas well-lit.
  • Opaque acrylic white sheet: White acrylic sheets can also be entirely opaque, which allows this material to completely block the passage of light.
  • Other light transmission options: White acrylic sheets are also offered in a variety of other translucence options to fit your needs.



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